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We Never Use Synthetics

No synthetics, no irritation, no worries. Simple. You'll never find any of these questionable ingredients in our products.

Here are a few things you should be aware of concerning these common product additives.

Parabens (more about parabens)

  • Methlyparaben, butlyparaben, propylparaben & others
  • Linked to endocrine & immune system disruption as well as irritation of the skin, lungs & eyes
  • Banned in the European Union for neurotoxicity!

Synthetic fragrances (more about synthetic fragrances)

  • May dry and irritate the skin
  • Known trigger of allergies, depression, hyperactivity & irritability
  • Often contain phthalates, which are linked to serious reproductive problems in people & animals
  • Particularly sensitive people my experience headaches, dizziness & rashes

Synthetic colorants

  • Cause of skin sensitivity and irritation
  • May reduce blood oxygen levels
  • Often derived from coal tar, a known carcinogen

Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate

  • Detergents and surfactants
  • Used in engine degreasers and industrial floor cleaners
  • Linked to malformation of children's eyes, depression, respiratory impairment, diarrhea & severe skin irritation
  • Found in about 90% of products that lather
  • Can cause irritation at 0.5%
  • Some soaps have concentrations up to 30%


  • Particularly nasty preservative in many soaps
  • Linked to a host of endocrine, immune system & neurological complications


  • Used to neutralize potentially harmful compounds in personal care products
  • Hormone disrupting, known to increase incidents of liver & kidney cancer
  • Children are especially susceptible to these


  • Used as an antiseptic, linked to muscle weakness


  • Common ingredient in commercial soap
  • Possible carcinogen in humans

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate

  • Also known as sarkosyl
  • Known to increase permeability in skin
  • Leaves skin vulnerable to other harmful compounds

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

  • Usually found in bar soaps
  • Linked to breast cancer

Propylene glycol

  • Active component in antifreeze!
  • Found in many personal care products
  • Effects brain, liver & kidney function