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Preservative free

There really is no such thing as an all-natural broad spectrum preservative. What options do we have as vigilant consumers?

Conventional products are loaded with synthetic preservatives to keep them fresh from the time they are manufactured until they reach the customer.

Although these preservatives do extend the longevity of products, they are themselves often harmful. They are linked to various skin ailments and even some more serious ailments (like cancer!).

Freshly handmade

We make our products in small batches to minimize the time elapsed between their manufacture and use.

Rosemary extract or Vitamin E oil may be used to prolong shelf life. These are anti-oxidants. They work very well for keeping oils fresh, but will not kill bacteria or prevent mold. Any time water is present, these undesirables are sadly inevitable.

All of Old Man Murray's products are anhydrous (contain no water) and therefore do not require synthetic preservatives.