No need to immediately reach for that powerful topical steroid. There are some simple solutions that will keep eczema at bay.

1. Don’t let your diet contribute

You may have noticed a link between the foods you eat and the onset of eczema's symptoms. Adhere to an anti-inflammatory diet to keep eczema in check and minimize discomfort. Dr. Weil has a helpful Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid that is a great resource to start with (and don’t worry, you can still eat lots of tasty things). As a general rule of thumb, fruits and vegetables are a major plus, as are essential fatty acids - think lots of omega-3. Steer clear of trans-fats and foods that contain gluten.

2. Relax, rest, repeat

A lot of the time, eczema flare-ups are triggered by stress. Do yourself a favor: go for a run, settle down with a book, take a hike... whatever will get you relaxed. It sounds simple, but chilling out can be one of the best ways to combat eczema. has a fun list of easy activities that you can slip into your day to keep yourself relaxed.

3. Wear comfortable clothing

Don’t let your outfits and eczema band up against you. Eczema is often triggered by what makes contact with your skin - and if you’re wearing something with rough fibers, it will irritate. By opting for loose, light clothes, you are giving your skin a chance to breathe - and anyway, isn’t it much more pleasant to feel comfortable rather than constricted? Your skin certainly thinks so.

4. Do your skin a favor in the shower

Many soaps act like a trigger for eczema, resulting in exaggerated symptoms. By choosing a gentle cleanser, you will be giving your skin a mild treatment. Choose a soap that is unscented and rich in natural moisturizers, like our organic Honey Butter Soap. It even contains oatmeal, which relieves itching. Also, resist the temptation to turn the dial to “Hot” when you step in the shower. Warm water will make your skin much happier.

5. Moisturize religiously

One of the best ways to keep the symptoms of eczema at bay is to simply moisturize. Coconut oil is excellent in this department — it is lightweight, anti-inflammatory, and an intense moisturizer. Many members of the National Eczema Association have also found success using sunflower oil to get relief. Our organic soaps contain a minimum of 20% of coconut oil and sunflower oil so that you can gently cleanse and moisturize — all in one.

If you have been coping with eczema using natural alternatives and have some tips of your own, we would love to hear them!