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Argan Oil for Healthy Skin & Hair

Hailed as "liquid gold," argan oil has taken center stage as the latest magic elixir for beauty and health. What's the big deal, anyway? Read more

New, More Usable & Secure Website

We've re-designed our website with enhanced usability and security in mind. Read more

Synthetic Fragrances Pose Health Risks

Are your favorite scented products harmful to your health? If you use products with synthetic fragrances, the answer is almost certainly yes. Read more

Tips for Coping With Dry Skin

Wintertime does a number on our skin. Yes, nothing beats a snow day — but it puts a big damper on the fun when your skin has to pay the price. Read more

Keep Eczema in Check - Naturally

No need to immediately reach for that powerful topical steroid. There are some simple solutions that will keep eczema at bay. Read more

Shea Butter for Healthy Skin

Often hailed as an elixir for skin health and pure beauty, shea butter is a staple in households around the world. Read more

Coconut Oil Benefits & Uses

You may be surprised by how many uses there are for coconut oil. It's great to keep in your pantry, and the bathroom too! Read more

All About Parabens

Today, parabens seem to be a prominent topic in the personal care world. We know that they are bad — the “Paraben Free” label is pure gold to consumers — but few understand what they are, and why they can be so harmful to our bodies. Read more

4 Benefits of Lavender Oil

Many people aren’t aware of what a powerhouse lavender truly is. Read more

5 Natural Acne Fighting Alternatives

Banish acne for good with these all-natural acne-fighting alternatives. Read more

A Short History of Soap

Good soap, like wine or cheese, took centuries to refine and perfect. First, someone had to realize mixing fat with ashes creates a substance that washes off fat and ashes. That probably took a while. Read more